The best life hacks for single socks!


10 useful life hacks to help you use your single socks more. 

Whether one of your socks didn’t make it to the wash cycle or one just decided to vanish from your life…we all know the pain of not being able to find the other sock from your favourite sock duo. Eventually it all leads to the lonely single sock being disposed of into the bin and never being thought about again. But worry not and dry those tears, were here to tell you how to use your single socks in 10 fun ways and continue its legacy as your favourite sock.



Socks as a protective shield for fragile belongings


Shifting and moving your most fragile homeware items can really be a pain, especially if you’re moving home. Small glasses, vases, your Aunt Mable’s crystal animal collection can all be at risk when you’re on the move. To avoid this burden, simply slip your sock over your most fragile pieces as if you’re literally dressing them in a fun but protective item of clothing. Voila a protective jacket!


Arm and leg cuffs made from single socks


A bright pair of socks can really bring an outfit to life and help you feel your most confident self. Let’s not forget the warmth socks can bring to us on those colder autumn days. But did you know if you that you could turn your old pair of thick socks into arm and leg warmers. Just cut of the section where your foot would go and sew around the ends or turn over and hey presto, your cuffs are ready. Sock cuffs may even become your new staple fashion accessory.


A sock advent calendar


Over the year you may have collected multiple single socks, all different shapes, and designs. So, if you can muster 24 of them in your household then why not make an advent for December. Pin up a line of string and attach your socks with pegs. You may even like to decorate and number them too. Don’t forget to add some nice surprises into each one too for a fun filled run up to Christmas day. 



Socks as Sweatbands


Okay we get it, sweatbands are not something everyone thinks of to purchase. Why not save your time and money spent travelled to stores a transform your orphaned socks to sweatbands? Just snip off the leg opening from your thick sock, turn inwards and sew around the cut edges. Then just pull your new sweatband over your wrist and style with your best gym gear.


Crease eliminator in your dryer


Make your life easier with using this simple tip. Want to find out a way to avoid creases in your clothes after taking them out of the dryer? Well, you’re wish is our command, simply throw in a dampened single sock or two and run the load in your dryer for a few minutes and see the creases disappear as if its magic. Trust us, this will save so much of your time spent on ironing.


Sock Puppets


Sock puppets are a great thing to make with kids. They are very easy to make, simply add faces on your old socks with a marker and place the sock on your hand and let the fun begin. With some imagination and colour, home-made sock puppets can be so much fun.


Cleaning and Dust Rags


Orphaned socks fit easily over your hand and make a fantastic duster. Who’d have thought it! Perfect for skirting boards, tabletops, and any furniture around your home. Even those smaller hard to reach spots can be cleaned with your single sock being worn you’re over your hand. When sorting through your socks, why not begin by putting your orphaned socks into your cleaning basket, so you have the socks at the ready on cleaning day. Cleaning tasks like dusting can be made so quick with this sock hack.


Grain Cushions Made from Socks


Grain cushions are usually used as alternatives to hot-water bottles and are made of cooling and plastic packs. Orphaned socks should only be used as cooling bags. Simply fill your old sock with some cherry stones, put it in the fridge and after a short wait you have a convenient helper to treat mild pains or to keep cool in the summer heat.

Sock Soap Bag


Using soap is far better for the environment than liquid soap in plastic bottles. Aside from being great for keeping your hands clean, soap can be a pain and a little messy when in small pieces and starting to disintegrate.

Soap bags can be solution to this issue. Just collect the small pieces of soap into your clean sock, close the sock by knotting the open end and simply wash your hands with the bag. Sock bags will even help you create more foam when washing your hands. So, waste your soap less and reuse your socks.




We hope some of our sock life hacks gave you inspiration and will make you think twice about throwing your odds away. Simple yet effective and worth having a go, just a little time and effort. Also, feel free to share with friends and family too.

Once your odds have done their bit and it’s time for them to finally retire, why not check out our Socks by Cubic Feet website and treat yourself to some new additions or gifts for your besties.